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Jenn Drakes
Jenn Drakes
Life Mentor & Guide | Author | Poet | Podcaster | Talk Show Host
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One of the challenges I faced was understanding how best to navigate the world of social media in a meaningful way to generate business income. Before meeting Margie, I had online savvy professionals throw concepts at me, such as SEO, and other technical jargon that proved meaningless for aligning with a vision. Margie was very different – a breath of fresh air! She listened to the vision I had, and the frustration I felt in seemingly not being able to grasp the interplay of the various social media platforms to better inspire and support that vision. Moreover, when she spoke it was in a way that a business leader could understand, and it was strategic, collaborative, supportive, and most importantly, plausible. For the first time, I have a digital marketing design that is in cohesion with my vision. If you are serious about your business, my advise is to work with Margie!
Lina Botero
Lina Botero
Mentor For Women in Engineering, Project Manager, Civil Engineer, President of We Fix It Management
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“With Margie on my side, my business and I gained the comprehensive platform integrations to turn social conversations into loyal customers. You’ll see how social can solve practical business problems and deliver real value, Margie made this possible for us. Every aspect of Margie’s strategy was designed to clear the vision and core of my business, through her wisdom, knowledge, expertise, creativity, leadership, motivation, consistency and effective communication. Her great coaching guided me, inspired me and empowered me to achieve my full potential. I recommend her highly” If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Dan Mariani
Dan Mariani
B.Sc., M.B.A. Marketing Professor, University Toronto
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Margie is definitely a person I would want on my team.” Dan Mariani, B.Sc., M.B.A. Marketing Professor, University Toronto -Over 25 years of experience in marketing ranging from packaged goods and retailing, through financial and credit services. His clients include Air Miles, Esso, Aeroplan, Holt Renfrew, the Bay and Canadian Tire, Sears, Cadillac Fairview, Delta Chelsea Hotel, as well as packaged goods companies such as Heinz, Robin Hood, Nestle and Schering-Plough.
Michelle V.
Michelle V.
CEO, Truleigh Integrative
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I have created something from nothing with her guidance, for this I am grateful. "As a nurse venturing out on my own business of health & wellness, I found myself in unfamiliar water. I was lost and very discouraged to even get started. As fate led me to Margie, she guided my direction by cultivating my core values. Her holistic and authentic approach collaborated with my business ideals, unlike other business strategists. Margie kept me grounded with constant interaction. Her attention to detail has shown through by my clients, my noticeable virtual presence and constant energy for creativity. I have created something from nothing with her guidance, for this I am grateful. "Michelle V.
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I looked over everything and it looks great! This is a very comprehensive toolkit that I will *definitely* draw on going forward. I needed to pick up social media engagement, and this is the ticket!
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Many thanks for your response, I have to say I love them and couldn’t have come at a better time as am about to launch my new programme.
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Thank you so much for the templates, they are beautifully designed and extremely helpful for a new business owner that's learning the ropes of Canva.
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Very unique. A good variety and great strategy.
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Great options and unique designs.
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The templates are great. Unique. Different than anything I have seen to date. Loved them.
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They're awesome, thanks so much!
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These are great! Thank you so much.
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Oh I actually love them!
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They were great! I love using them.
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Thank you! These look great!

Here's What's Included:

You will receive a Canva Pro account and will be added to our team. This will give you extra access and support.

You’ll get your membership started with a weekly group strategy call (zoom) with Margie directly. (in addition to your on-boarding call above)

Over 1000 unique templates along with unique backgrounds, graphics and icons created by our team. New template packs added monthly.

Let’s spend a couple of hours every week in a Q&A session building your business together while working through playbooks, strategy worksheets, accountability check-ins and even mindset hacks. Gain clarity in your business, find new confidence and make things happen.

All content  already done for you in the CARE Content Vault consisting of ready-to-go content in every category of the CARE system. (C) Conversation (A) Advice (R) Revenue (E) Exposure. Each category has all the required content you will need to post on social media, send in email, text campaigns, and consult calls. The CARE strategy is a robust system for you to follow to gain new customers, increase sales and grow your business. Your paid membership gives you access to every piece of content we produce including the content exclusive to our proprietary Marketing MAPS Framework.

New content done for you monthly delivered in the CARE Content Vault plus Implementation Planners for you to use. Social media campaigns, email Scripts and newsletters, consult / sales scripts, web landing pages, and more. Option to request specific content available for all members.

Create all of your your content in easy weekly and monthly buckets. We’ve developed our own easy to use app. Once complete you can schedule your content in advance using your Canva templates and the CARE strategy. Our members use Canva Pro for scheduling their content (free for MAPS PODs).

2 new template packs each month in matching brands. Templates are Canva unless specified otherwise.

  • Website Kit (Elementor)
  • Challenge
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Branding Board
  • Lead Magnet
  • Client Welcome Pack
  • Pricing Guide
  • e-Book
  • Online Course
  • Webinar
  • Planners
  • eMail Headers
  • Quotes

Our success kits contain a deeper look at what’s working in growing a business right now, from strategy plans to tactic playbooks to worksheets you work through. See the latest marketing campaigns, client attention-getting traffic strategies, unique use of content and client success stories. We show you step-by-step how to get the results you want. Includes Planner Workbook and e-Book.

Business Tools Review – Want a tool reviewed? Request it for our Monthly App Review. Never worry about picking the wrong tool for your business. We review and demonstrate new tools every month. Missed one? You have full access to our growing Business Tool Resource Library.

Our own images plus links to curated images form Canva, Unsplash, Freepik and others that match our monthly content, collections and templates. Most are free, some are available for nominal purchase.

Every month we release one or more training course(s) which focus on everything you need to grow your business, from the tech to the tactic to the strategy to the design. Each course comes with workbooks and a challenge to get you implementing for your business right away.

Unlimited text support and weekly group calls open for all members. We group our calls in PODs (small groups of five).

$1,970 CDN (approx. $1,550 US)

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