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Well hello there entrepreneurs!  – I’m Margie Witko, and I help small business owners like you create irresistible offers that convert to faster (and higher) sales.

"It's time to get crystal clear on the one thing you should be doing right now to grow your business!"

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Option 1

The VIP Inner Circle Mastermind

A Comprehensive Mentoring & implementing 12 Month program

Includes Inner Circle Group and Canva Marketing Hub plus private weekly coaching calls and a done for you tech stack.

For those ready to have 1:1 support to grow into, or to scale, a six figure business. Together we develop your personalized framework (based on our industry standard accelerated MAPS Framework) fully customized to your business and personal needs so you can leverage your time and resources, automate what you don’t need to do manually, and establish a platform for profit and continued growth.

maps Inner Circle

(MAPS) Mentoring, Accountability, Platform and Systems. You need all four to grow your service-based business. Our MAPS Inner Circle Group Program with a customized business dashboard is for entrepreneurs in coaching, consulting, and the professional services-based business space.

Canva Marketing Hub

Enjoy your own multichannel marketing hub (customized for your own business growth) with a Canva dashboard and the Canva content planner integrated with our custom web app The Content Scheduler & Content Vault. The best setup for growing your business.

Option 2

The Business Intensive

This intense 2 day private virtual retreat (2.5hr each day) will provide a new roadmap for those looking for predictable revenue and stable growth. We work together on customizing your own business growth framework for your irresistible offers, signature solutions, target market, customer’s journey through your sales process and overall marketing strategy and campaigns. Includes voxer access for the duration of the 2 days.

Option 3

The Private Coaching Experience

Private coaching is for clients who want me to work with them at an intimate level. This means I fully participate in your business as a business coach, growth strategist and marketing consultant. I help you prepare and package your services for marketing, provide training, and handle all the technology implementation.

I help you design your own blueprint. Together, we reverse engineer your BEST year. Through a specific process we take your financial goals, lifestyle needs, desired impact and plug this into a strategic plan that can be easily executed upon.

Although we start with our industry standard proprietary blueprint, yours is custom designed according to your lifestyle, spiritual and financial goals. I help you reverse engineer the numbers and the action steps needed to ensure these goals materialize.

Option 4

The One Hour Guidance Session

This session is for you if you need to take a step towards growing your business and don’t know what step to take or what step will produce the biggest impact while spending the least amount of time and money right now. These sessions produce the epiphany needed, (that moment of sudden insight) where you realize predictable revenue and consistent growth is easily possible and manageable too. ~and just might say~ “Hey, I can actually free up some time for that vacation.”

Option 5

The Tech Stack Implementation Experience

For those who need a technical solution in addition to developing their business growth strategy.

We implement a full tech stack for you (and with you) that has all the necessary landing pages, web pages, online registrations, online products, digital downloads, membership and online course system that you will need according to your customized business growth framework.

WordPress Website

Your own branded WordPress Website with hundreds of templates and functionality like online scheduling for your consults, calendar, and much more. Landing Sales Pages for your campaigns so you can create call-to-actions that generate sales. Full funnel capability.

Membership Portal

Your own Membership Portal for your clients so you can deliver incredible value and crush your competition. This is a world-class online private membership that you can offer your clients. Included is a Knowledge Base Library/Database.

Online Digital Store

Sell and deliver digital goods or physical products with your own online store connected to Stripe or Paypal. Hassle-free installation and implementation included.

Course Portal

Your own Online Course Portal so you can launch courses, training and grow your email list. It’s the #1 choice of entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.

CARE Vault

If you're looking for a systematic way to grow your services business without overwhelm, frustration or trying to google every answer, then you need this simple 3 step framework.

Get Free training Plus The 3 step Framework MAP PDF

Marketing Maps PDF and Training

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