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The Right Way To Create Facebook Posts Promoting Your Business In Facebook Groups

Facebook changed its algorithm back in January 2018 and the news feed now prioritizez “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions”— including posts from Facebook Groups.

You want need engagement on your Facebook group posts because posts that have engagement get better reach. Better reach equates to better chances of sales. Posts that don’t get engagement don’t get shown to a large amount of group members. If you post does not get engagement (comments or likes) it will be shown to less than 2% of members of the group.

The point of a promo post is to promote your business in an effort to make sales, right? So if you can’t post promos, what can you post?

Here’s a better way to get that desired engagement, and a few things to consider.

Want to Grow Your Facebook Group? Here are a few tips.

Ever wonder why FB Group Admins don’t allow outside links directly in posts or why they sometimes moderate posts.
They’re not just looking for spam.
They are indirectly being trained by FB.

Here are a few reasons why FB Group Admins don’t allow outside links in posts or why they sometimes moderate posts:

FB wants to keep people on their platform.
They want you to keep scrolling through the feed because that’s part of their revenue model, advertising$.

When a post is created in a group, Fb shows the post to a few members.

The algorithm will decide if the post gets shown to more members based on certain criteria like engagement, popularity, outside links, content, use of restricted words, etc…

When a post contains outside links directly in the post, it takes people off their platform and they loose them.

They no longer scroll their feed which means they don’t see ads.
They don’t see ads = they don’t click ads = potential reduction in revenue over time.

These kinds of posts get very little exposure in FB overall (2%).

Admins protect their group members from too much promo to keep group quality high.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to promote their business and the thought is to post an advertisement inviting people to a service or product.

Too many of these in the feeds of group members doesn’t serve the membership.

There’s very little value.

Moderating, allows very active groups to keep quality by reducing the chance of too much non-value promo being put out there in member’s feeds.

Who decides? The admins/mods decide based on some group stats and analytics and previous experience.

Links in comments seem to be okay but sometimes it’s easier to read when there is a simple photo and description.

That’s why, if you are in business, you must have your profile professionally put together so people can validate what you do quickly.

It’s the first step to building the Know-Like-Trust factor.

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