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✓ find more leads ✓ get more sales ✓ find more time ✓ get more clarity ✓ end overwhelm ✓ reduce stress

Canva Training

For Coaches, Consultants & Service Businesses!

This is an immersive training program for all levels developed specifically for coaches.

There is a fast track to growing your business using Canva. This is that fast-track. Choose your own speed.

Free …. Regularly $249

The Canva training is delivered in out training portal where you will have access to the videos, templates and Zoom invites to our live Q&A. Once you add it to your cart and complete the purchase (you have a special FREE invitation if you’re on this page, yay!) we will automatically email you all the links to the portal and templates.

Using Canva
Grows Your Business

(at least for the 1,500+ students we've helped so far...)

We will also be teaching the CARE strategy while teaching Canva. Everything is included. Even the templates.

Developed for creating posts, emails and even DM's.

The CARE Content Strategy removes the overwhelm and guesswork and gives you a clear and easy to follow path to actually making money with social media. Use it to grow your following, increase revenue, and save oodles of time by using a strategic system for creating content. This is the blueprint for those who don’t know what to post on media.

all you Need is The Care Content Strategy and a canva account!

The Things That Got You Here Aren't Going To Get You Where You Want To Grow. It's Time To learn new things!

Did we say bonus?

We're providing free Canva Templates for the training.

Hey fellow coach, consultant & entrepreneur!

My name is Margie and I created Marketing Maps to help entrepreneurs understand just how easy organic digital marketing can be to grow a profitable business.

I serve a community of 10,000 female entrepreneurs and have personally helped over 1500 clients create and grow a profitable business.
You’re in good hands. My background is vast.


  • network engineering, systems development, operational workflows


  • marketing, advertising, online business development


  • creative director, digital asset development


  • service business

Looking for a systematic way to grow your business without overwhelm, frustration or trying to google every answer?

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