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100 Days to a Stable Six Figure Business.

Set and accomplish your goals with check points, accountability, support, guidance.

Need Help Growing Your Business?

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If you’re ready to grow your business… You’re ready to have that one on one marketing & business mentoring and coaching support that you’ve been missing. It’s the secret sauce to your success.

A custom designed ‘Marketing & Business Coaching’ program specific for your business type and aligned to your goals so that you can leverage time and resources to automate mundane tasks and establish a solid foundation and platform for consistent growth.

Hello there entrepreneurs & small business owners. I’m Margie Witko, a seasoned marketing & Business coach/consultant for entrepreneurs and business owners.

I’m an online coach for business owners and entrepreneurs just like you. I help you move past what’s blocking you from growing a business.

You can make a lot of things  possible and attainable with guidance. Are you ready to step into that brilliance?

Then think of me as the foundation to help you implement new business opportunities using the right combination of planning, accountability, tactics and heart.

I’ll remove your overwhelm, your roadblocks, and the brick walls you hit along the way.

I will get you unstuck and provide you with a non-judgemental safe space to explore your entrepreneurial dreams.

We move forward with perfect clarity and I can guarantee results will happen if you do the work.

~ My working style is female online coach, mentor, strategist, caring friend. ~

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"It's time to get crystal clear on the one thing you should be doing right now to grow your business!"

Experience when you need it.
Wisdom to help you see the possibilities.
Grit to get things done.

Jenn Drakes
Jenn Drakes
Life Mentor & Guide | Author | Poet | Podcaster | Talk Show Host – LinkedIn
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If you are serious about your business, my advise is to work with Margie! One of the challenges I faced was understanding how best to navigate the world of social media in a meaningful way to generate business income. Before meeting Margie, I had online savvy professionals throw concepts at me, such as SEO, and other technical jargon that proved meaningless for aligning with a vision. Margie was very different – a breath of fresh air! She listened to the vision I had, and the frustration I felt in seemingly not being able to grasp the interplay of the various social media platforms to better inspire and support that vision. Moreover, when she spoke it was in a way that a business leader could understand, and it was strategic, collaborative, supportive, and most importantly, plausible. For the first time, I have a digital marketing design that is in cohesion with my vision. If you are serious about your business, my advise is to work with Margie!
Michelle V
Michelle V
CEO, Truleigh Integrative
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I have created something from nothing with her guidance, for this I am grateful. "As a nurse venturing out on my own business of health & wellness, I found myself in unfamiliar water. I was lost and very discouraged to even get started. As fate led me to Margie, she guided my direction by cultivating my core values. Her holistic and authentic approach collaborated with my business ideals, unlike other business strategists. Margie kept me grounded with constant interaction. Her attention to detail has shown through by my clients, my noticeable virtual presence and constant energy for creativity. I have created something from nothing with her guidance, for this I am grateful. " Michelle V.
Lina Botero
Lina Botero
Mentor For Women in Engineering, Project Manager, Civil Engineer, President of We Fix It Management
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Margie made this possible for us. “With Margie on my side, my business and I gained the comprehensive platform integrations to turn social conversations into loyal customers. You’ll see how social can solve practical business problems and deliver real value, Margie made this possible for us. Every aspect of Margie’s strategy was designed to clear the vision and core of my business, through her wisdom, knowledge, expertise, creativity, leadership, motivation, consistency and effective communication. Her great coaching guided me, inspired me and empowered me to achieve my full potential. I recommend her highly” If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Dan Mariani, B.Sc., M.B.A.
Dan Mariani, B.Sc., M.B.A.
Marketing Professor, University Toronto
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Margie is definitely a person I would want on my team.” She is creative, detailed, has a great breadth of experience, innovative, responsive, insightful, and collaborative. I've worked with her on an automated marketing funnel project and have invited her to teach classes at the university. She's highly technical and has the marketing knowledge and business skills to get you where you want to grow in your business. She's certainly a doer with a tactical mindset to get things done.

High Impact Business Coaching & Consulting...
Accelerated Results

I'm giving you everything you need to pull together for immediate impact and growth.

Are you ready for 1:1 support to grow your business?

Entrepreneurs must strengthen their managing skills and evaluate how the distribution of value flows in their business ecosystem if they are to grow their businesses (or even think of taking time off).

But guess what . . .

I know that, as an entrepreneur, you have no interest in what I just said.

I know you want to be “in” your business because that’s what you love to do.

Working “on” your business was not your initial intent…  And here you are.

And now you have to face It . . .

You’re Stuck.

Starting a company is hard. Finding consistent predictable results is harder. Growing and scaling  is even harder.

That’s where we come in…

We help entrepreneurs establish the foundation to achieve consistent predictable results and help them grow & scale their business.

We develop a framework for you (based on an industry standard accelerated Marketing MAPS Framework) fully customized to your business and personal needs so you can leverage your time and resources, automate what you don’t need to do manually, and establish a platform for profit and predictable growth.

Your Path to Success Could Be One Short Phone Call Away

Do you relate to any of these?

Let's Get Clear on the One Thing You Should Be Doing Right Now to Grow Your Business

Your Resources

Customized Framework

 Mastermind  Calls

Unlimited Support

Resources & Tools

Did I mention software is included?

Yes ... it is!

Canva Pro

Canva Pro! Yes we did. We’ve included a subscription to Canva Pro as part of our team. You get done-for-you templates and 60+ million stock images. No more excuses! Welcome to the secret society Boss Ladies.

Online Course Portal

Your own Online Course Portal so you can launch courses, training and grow your email list. It’s the #1 choice of Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.​

WordPress Website

Your own WordPress Website with hundreds of templates and functionality like online scheduling for your consults, calendar, and much more.

Landing Sales Pages for your campaigns so you can create call-to-actions that generate sales. Full funnel capability.

Membership Portal

Your own Membership Portal for your clients so you can deliver incredible value and crush your competition. This is a world-class online private membership that you can offer your clients.

100 Days to a Stable Six Figure Business.

Set and accomplish your goals with check points, accountability, support, guidance.



Imagine a thriving business which gives you a lifestyle where:



What you just imaged can be achieved by:



Decide how much you want to grow from there because you will have built the foundation that allows you to scale your business to upper six figures in the shortest time possible. There is no cap.

What We'll Cover

Private coaching is for clients who want me to work with them at an intimate level. This means I fully participate in your business as a business strategist and marketing coach. I help you prepare and package your services for marketing, provide training, and handle all the technology implementation.

I help you design your own blueprint. Together, we reverse engineer your BEST year. Through a specific process we take your financial goals, lifestyle needs, desired impact and plug this into a strategic plan that can be easily executed on.

Although we start with a blueprint, yours is custom designed according to your lifestyle, financial, and other goals. I help you reverse engineer the numbers and the action steps needed to ensure your goals materialize.

What You'll Get

We customize key areas so you can create the clients and wealth you desire predictably.

The MAPS Framework

To get started book a call with me below. One-On-One coaching is limited.

CARE Vault

If you're looking for a systematic way to grow your services business without overwhelm, frustration or trying to google every answer, then you need this simple 3 step framework.

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